The Case for Education

A trip to Carolina Raptor Center is memorable for many reasons, but none more so than the chance to get up close and personal with eagles, owls, hawks and other birds of prey.  While the outdoor Raptor Trail has been thrilling adults and children for decades, this project promises a new and improved experience.

Our Quest aims to raise the funding needed to relocate and improve upon the organization’s Raptor Trail.  New bird enclosures and exhibits will be connected by a walking trail that encourages visitors to connect with nature.  The Raptor Trail will encourage exploration and a sense of adventure.


A new Raptor Trail, with interactive exhibit areas, web-enabled learning pavilions, and a larger amphitheater, will support informal education programming.  These amenities will position Carolina Raptor Center to better serve the tens of thousands of children and their families who visit each year.  An improved Raptor Trail will mean a better experience for guests and a stronger likelihood of their repeat visitation.


Carolina Raptor Center has partnered with corporations and foundations to create formal, curriculum-based STEM programming for K-12 students.  Partnerships with higher education institutions for service learning, research and veterinarian education provide student opportunities for STEM career training and educational enrichment. New indoor learning spaces provide the setting for these opportunities to flourish.


Experience Center and Raptor Trail features will include:

  • Indoor learning labs and flexible space

  • Enhanced formal education programming based on Next Generation Science Standards

  • Web-enabled learning pavilions

  • Larger amphitheatre for flight shows and performances

  • Interactive exhibit areas

  • Improved capacity for field trips